Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Load Test your Web Applications

web applications load testing

Your perfect web app is ready for the public launch and sooner or later your realize it cannot handle heavy traffic spikes. To prevent these kinds of embarrassing situations, it always advisable to load test your web apps before launch.

Using the tools described, you can easily perform simple load test on your web applications from both windows and linux.

Load Testing on Windows

For windows Fastream Web Stress tester is the most simple, no frills tool for testing your web applications quickly, this tool allows you enter URL, threads, clients per thread, connection method and even proxy.

After entering basic details and pressing run will start hitting your web server with concurrent requests, below is the apache log of the test run.

fastream stress tester

Load Testing on Linux

CURL is the best tool for quickly load testing your web applications on Linux, using the simple CURL command you can start hitting your web server for load testing.

curl -L[1-999999999]

The above command says, start curl, with parameter -L ( follow redirects ), then is URL of your web application with some random parameter with value between 1 to 999999999 ( number of hits you want ).

Below screenshot shows the Apache log after test run of curl command.

curl command apache log

Watch Video Tutorial of Load Testing your Web Applications