Friday, November 11, 2011

What is PHP

Summary: In this tutorial I will explain you what is PHP and what are the key features of PHP scripting language, what PHP stands for, what you can do with PHP , what you must know before working in PHP and lastly there is a video tutorial on What is PHP in both English and Hindi.

Exactly what is PHP

PHP is a server side scripting language, server side scripting means that all of the code in php is processed on the web servers rather than on clients machine. Compare this with JavaScript which is processed by the browser itself, but PHP cannot be processed by the web browsers, it needs a specialized script processor know as PHP Interpreter.

What does PHP Stands for

PHP Stands for HyperText PreProcessor, it a recursive abbreviation. HyperText means, text containing all sorts of web markups, Pre Processor means all of the HyperText is processed first and then the result is send as pure HTML to the web browser. A client cannot see the PHP source code because it is pre processed and interpreted, the person having admin rights to the Web Server can only see and modify the PHP Source code.

What you can Do With PHP

You can create web applications, content management systems, cloud applications, file uploaders, online image editors and much more. PHP has a wide range of functions and libraries for developing web services. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, WikiPedia are all developed in PHP, you can also develop next big thing in PHP.

What you Must Know before Working in PHP

Knowledge of HTML and CSS is must for beginners in PHP , however if you also know JavaScript, Document Object Model, Ajax, jQuery and SQL its icing on the cake. PHP is really cool language and easy to learn, you don't really need to be a geek or nerd to understand it.

What is PHP [Video tutorial in English]

What is PHP [Video tutorial in Hindi]

This is the first chapter in which I explained you what is PHP , in the next chapter I will explain you How a PHP Script works .